Correction - Perfection - Protection

What is CPR?

CPR (Corrective Paint Restoration) was primarily designed for used cars as a much needed paint restoration service. Used cars generally have normal wear and tear, swirl marks and scratches that dull the paint while killing the resale value of the car. However, even brand new cars at dealerships can have scratches and swirl marks from assembly, transit and improper wash technique.

CPR is a 3 step process that revives dull, faded, scratched and oxidized paint, that otherwise may have required the vehicle to be repainted, and literally gives it a new life. CPR takes years of damage off of your car and brings back that showroom shine.

Left (dull faded paint full of scratches and water spots), Right (Paint looks new again and is defect free after CPR)

Left (dull faded paint full of scratches and water spots), Right (Paint looks new again and is defect free after CPR)


What causes paint damage?

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Protection - 9H-LDC and 9H-LDC PRO


9H-LDC is composed of high grade Quartz silica (ultra hard glass). Its nano ceramic particles form a permanent bond with a vehicles clear coat and becomes a functional part of the vehicles body. Unlike most 9H coatings, 9H-LDC PRO is a dual-composite structure that consist of two layers, one is the ultra hard 9H bottom layer and the other is a super slick top layer. Due to its unique structure it delivers the two most desirable effects, extreme hardness (protection) and extreme beading (self cleaning effect) in a single coating that is up to 10x stronger than factory clear coat.

Now what does this mean to you? Todays automotive industry has adopted new environmentally-friendly water based paints that are softer than ever. These paints are thinner than paints of past generations and scratch and fade much easier. Once your vehicle is coated in 9H-LDC, it is protected from basically anything you can throw at it. A high quality and durable paint protection will lock in that showroom shine and absorb the damage that would normally harm your vehicles factory paint. Being able to maintain your vehicles paint in great condition can greatly increase your cars resale value down the road.

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