Wheel Pro-Tech


Ensure wheel surface is completely free of contaminants (oils, dirt, iron particles etc). Also make sure all previously applied products such as waxes and sealants are removed. If the surface is not completely clean the effectiveness and longevity of the coating will be reduced.


  1. Make sure you have several clean microfiber towels at your disposal.
  2. Shake bottle before use
  3. We recommend wearing vinyl/nitrile protective gloves to prevent the product from drying out your skin.
  4. Do not attempt to apply the coating to the entire wheel face at once, work in smaller sections. We recommend splitting the wheel into 1/4ths and coating one section at a time. Some wheels may require working in even smaller sections. 
  5. Dab product onto the supplied applicator.
  6. Wipe onto surface evenly with gentle pressure. Do NOT excessively rub the coating in as it may accelerate curing. Make sure you no surface area was missed.
  7. Wait for 30-45 seconds until you see the product flashing (the oily lines will start to separate into little beads once the coating has bonded to surface). Ideal time is dependent on temperature. 
  8. If the working temperature is higher than 85°F  or in a high humidity area then you should reduce the wipe-off timing TO AROUND 20-35 SECONDS.
  9. Do not wait for over 1 minute for the coating to cure.
  10. Use a new/dry microfiber towel to gently remove residue from the surface. Using a wet towel will cause premature curing and hazing. 
  11. Gently buff and shine using a second microfiber towel to ensure that there is no residue left. 
  12. If you see hazing buff immediately. 
  13. Ideal working temperature is 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not use in direct sunlight.
  14. Allow the coating to cure for 4 hours before getting wet. 
  15. To ensure complete coverage and for additional protection, you can layer Wheel Pro-Tech 30 minutes after initial treatment. 


  • Wheel Pro-Tech is safe to use on all standard fitment rims supplied with new vehicles including satin and matte finishes  (Wheel Pro-Tech will not add gloss) and rims that have a bare metal polished look as these will be finished with a clear coat that Wheel Pro-Tech can bond to. If the wheel does not have a clear coat the product will not work.
  • The coating requires no special maintenance and should last for 3-5 years with single application.
  • When wheels are coated avoid using acid wheel cleaners, coating longevity will be improved if wheels are cleaned with  normal car shampoo or non abrasive mild degreaser.
  • Use Wheel Pro-Tech within 1 year of purchasing.
  • Store opened bottles in a dry and cool storage area that's out of direct sunlight.
  • Use opened bottles within 90 days of opening.